About Us

Yail Noa Group is a leader in the development, manufacturing and modification of innovative technological solutions for the protection of people, products and the work environment.
The Group operates through 9 business units:
Yail Pharma, Yail Aerotec, Yail Medical, Motyknit Technologies, Yail DCS, Yail Noa 1995, K&K, Metalem Springs and Schuster.

The Group is active in a various markets, providing products and services in Israel and worldwide:

• Aeronautics and Aerospace
• Military and Defense
• Electronics and Hi-Tech
• Pharmaceuticals
• Chemistry
• Diagnostics
• Biotechnology
• Transportation
• Healthcare

Working in cooperation with leading suppliers and clients in the market

Since 1972, the Group has been working in cooperation with leading manufacturers and suppliers in Israel and abroad with the aim of creating added value and a competitive edge for the Group’s customers.
The Group’s customers include leading companies in the Israeli industry, including:
Teva, Dexcel, the Israeli Aircraft Industry, the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Elbit Systems, Rafael, Phillips, Motorola, Orbotech and others.

Leaders in technological solutions for efficiency and protection

The combination of professional human capital, leading suppliers and a striving for ongoing dialogue with our customers permits us to make available innovative technologies and solutions to them which promote:
• Efficiency and improvement of production processes
• Protection of people, products and the work environment

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